Our Ethics

We have decided to base our ethos on Permaculture which is a design system for how humanity and the rest of the natural world can work harmoniously together. The four Core Ethics of Permaculture are:

  • Earth Care
  • People Care
  • Fair Shares and
  • Self Care

To these Core Ethics we want to add some ways of working. We feel it’s really important that the way we work together reflects the kind of community we want to create. We want to lead by example.

Our guiding Ways of Working include:

  • Proactively listen to Gresham folk. Engage with all parts of this diverse and thriving community. Reach out and welcome in.
  • Think big, act small, start now! Know that we are part of a global movement and that our place to start is here and now.
  • Build capacity for self-reliance. Nurture a local economy using local resources. Seek out and share local skills, knowledge and resources.
  • Have fun. Embrace creativity. Communicate through play, music, arts and crafts.
  • Value and celebrating diversity, difference and inclusion. Know that there is strength in diversity. Actively integrate the whole community including new arrivals.
  • Steadfastly enact equal shares and equal opportunities. Pay at least a living wage. Work with those whose opportunities are limited by expectations, oppression or prejudice. Make sure everyone can play an active and equal role.